Way back in 2002, somewhere in the midst of a parenting struggle I was reaching really deep for an answer to the incessant WHY of my nine year old. When pressed as to why he had to do whatever it was I said, “because I’m trying to earn Mean Parent Points at MeanParents.com” To which my astute son replied, “No you’re not, Dad. You just made that up. There’s no such thing.” Not to be out-done by a 9 year old, I created it. That way there would be “such a thing.” Version 0.1 was a simple forum that I put up on the domain. I put exactly zero effort into it. I checked in on the site randomly about a year later and found that the forum actually got a few users, but not who I intended. They were middle school girls looking for a place to whine about their mean parents. I chimed in on a few of their threads to give the parental perspective, but in the end the site was eventually overrun with spam so I closed it down. Remember, this was a Zero-effort site. The joke was done. I moved on. Unfortunately I let the domain go.

Today the term came up again in a conversation on twitter.  I mentioned that I used to own the Meanparents.com domain and @tmgessner replied with “Darn. You could have been an internet sensation.” It got me back to thinking about it again. *cue memory wind-chimes . . .* When I did it last time, it was a joke, but I did actually think about the potential of what it could be.  With my over-active gears going now, I went to check on my old domain, and found it was still unavailable, but upon further investigation,  MeanParents.NET was available so I snatched it up.  In a matter of hours, here we are.  It’s a work in progress. For instance, this theme is dumb. It has got to change.  I’ve got way more ideas than I could ever get off the ground, but this can be a good start.  I’m sure it’ll start slow, but I can see a wide road ahead!

If you are a Mean Parent Blogger and you’d like to contribute, leave a comment with your Blog URL and we’ll check out your work.  I can’t be any worse than mine :)

Now go do your homework :)